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Charter School Reform in New York: Profiting From Poverty

As public schools open their doors and begin the “drill and kill” test-prep instruction required to satiate the state’s voracious appetite for measurable outcomes, the New York City school system as a whole continues to hobble on to the next precipice of educational improvement.

A Lease In New York City

For fifty years my father sat in the same worn-out chair in a very lived-in apartment on the northern edge of Times Square. The place is warm, redolent of some masala of unknown spices. The iron radiators gargle and hiss.

Elsewhere is Here

Less than a decade ago, Williamsburg was still a desolate haven for vast, raw, dirt-cheap lofts and an emerging art scene that imagined itself an ambitious underground alternative to the narcissism of Soho and Chelsea, a 90s incarnation of the self-destructive glamour of the Lower East Side portrayed in Nan Goldin’s Ballad of Sexual Dependence.

Interview With Edward Bunker

In Education of a Felon (St. Martin’s Press, 2000), Edward Bunker describes growing up on the fringes of 1930s Hollywood, where his father worked as a stagehand and his mother danced in Busby Berkeley musicals. Bunker, though, soon fell adrift in the world of make-believe.

It’s the Shopping Cart, Stupid

Over and over again we hear the standard stump speech place blame on the opponent for anything bad—poverty, school violence, the hole in the ozone, obesity; and meanwhile claim responsibility for anything good—the creation of jobs, the bull market, the saving of sea turtles, and the bright colors of the flag.

A Moving Case OR: GO AHEAD! JUMP IN!

The film plots, which are making up the bulk of the discussion among the four of us here on the roof in the night, turn to death.

From The White Notebook

L.S. Askeoff has published two books of poetry: Dreams of a Work (1994) and North Star (1997).

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From Here to Canarsie

“Forget New York, it’s Over!” So says Whitney, a cantankerous fixture on Lorimer near Metropolitan.


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