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Who Shares the Pain? NYC and the Future of Globalization

In our last Rail entry, “New York City, LLC” (March/ April), we outlined the inequalities, as well as contrasting priorities, that shape the debate regarding the city’s current fiscal problems.

Two Views of the Middle East: A Bipolar Disorder

Usually about halfway into my weekly phone conversation with my friend Peter he asks me, “What do you think is going to happen?” We both know that we’re talking about Israel and Palestine.

Art In Conversation

The Stable Gallery: In Conversation With Nicolas Carone

As part of the Rail’s ongoing effort to bring resources and historical awareness to the current dialogue in our ever-growing art community, I wrote an article several issues ago about The Club, and was able to interview Philip Pavia—the sculptor and organizer of The Club and publisher of It Is magazine.

The 2002 Whitney Biennial: The Whitney Museum of Art

For a grueling day at the 2002 Whitney Biennial, a friend and I ventured into Central Park in search of Brian Tolle’s "Waylay" (2002).

A Scarlet Legacy

In the May issue of The Atlantic Monthly, Steve Olson writes of two genealogical researchers who claim to have found mathematical proof that everyone of European ancestry is in some way descended from both Muhammad and Charlemagne.

Please Enjoy the Music

Selling Out in the Silent Era, by Stereobate, was released in November 2001. I have no idea why I haven’t heard this CD before now.

In Dialogue: A Hooker with a…22 Caliber

Who doesn’t love a prostitute? Schoolgirls (young and old) fetishize her—donning fishnets and stilettos any chance they get, slipping into the role of sexual outlaw and temporarily out of the repressive patterns of everyday life.

A Matter of Beauty: Hal Hartley’s No Such Thing

Hal Hartley’s enigmatic No Such Thing begins where Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein ended—with a seemingly immortal monster seeking death in the arctic. Hartley’s exploration of the highly generic monster and fairy tale traditions, as well as the visual possibilities of landscape, marks a major and welcome departure from his previous New York films.

Coney Island

I give to red-topped toy machine back a decal as I want something else, better, what you have: rubber replica of reptile, shock-purple and sinister.

Editor's Message

A Rail Glossary

One simply never knows who might turn up in the Rail. Readers of the Brooklyn Papers are surely familiar with Patrick Gallahue, a veritable one-man wire service, whose byline graces nearly every front-page article.


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