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David Shapiro Poetry

Lindsay Stamms: My Sandal Mist

My sad tan slim

Sandy mat dim

My sandal mist.


My land mist as –

My mad tin lass!

My sad tan slim


Dynamism salt.

Stay damn slim.

My sandal mist.


My sand lint Sam-

My sand slit am-

My sad tan slim-


My Dan slit Sam-

My mild tan ass

My sandal mist.


My damn salt is-

My damn it lass-

My sad tan slim

My sandal mist.


For the Jewish Objectivists

After C.R.


Seeds or snow

Not everyone can tell

There is a blessing for being blessed

And a blessing for catastrophe

But is there a blessing for a house split open by

Seeds of snow

So that everyone sees through you

As if you were a grey door


David Shapiro

David Shapiro is the author of more than 20 books, including January, Poems from Deal, A Man Holding an Acoustic Panel, The Page-Turner, Lateness, House (Blown Apart), To an Idea, After a Lost Original, and the forthcoming Burning Interior. He is a past recipient of the award for experimental poetry, given every three years by the National Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters.


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