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Tim Wilson: PG-13

Tim Wilson PG-13 at Schroeder Romero In his first New York solo appearance, Tim Wilson shows a staid group of paintings that attempt to turn the cast-off plastic figurines of childhood playtime into a meditation on nostalgia and the ways in which personal recollection interacts with greater cultural memory.

Marek Cecula: Interface

Marek Cecula’s exhibition entitled “Interface” at Garth Clark references the perfect, seamless union of two people enmeshed to the point where individual identity is dissolved.

Wim Delvoye: Cloaca

at New Museum of Contemporary Art   If you made it to the Rose Planetarium at the Museum of Natural History before March 1, you were likely reminded that we barely register on the cosmic radar screen.

Ruth Miller

at Bowery Gallery January 29 – February 23, 2002 Distilled and serene, these gentle still-lifes present a wealth of observation through the artist’s engagement with kindred objects.

Making China

at Ethan Cohen Fine Arts If anything can characterize contemporary China, it is the experience of rapid social and environmental change.

Kim Jones: "New Work"

at Pierogi A dumb, looming head in space eyes the visitor from the first drawing of Kim Jones’s “New Works” at Pierogi. The lips are fleshy, the ears pronounced.

Judith Rothschild: Image and Abstraction

at Knoedler&Company This small retrospective highlights a selection of works that span the 50-year career of Judith Rothschild, from early gouaches and paintings that were exhibited during her twenties to a selection of later paintings.

Claude Carone

at Maurice Arlos Gallery Some artists use abstraction as a simplified pictorial means to access sunken emotional experience and psychological orientation.

Angela Wyman and Leslie Roberts: Eyewash

at Figureworks Angela Wyman’s “Super Deformed” series, inspired by Japanese toys, includes watercolors and two larger paintings.

Andrea Claire, Karen Dow, Kirsten Hassenfeld: Frigid; Adam Cvijanovic: Disko Bay

Frigid and Disko Bay at Bellwether FRIGID: 1. Intensely cold; lacking warmth or ardor. 2. Lacking imaginative qualities. 3. Abnormally adverse to sexual intercourse – used esp. of women.


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