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A Poor Man's Chateanuef

I have never been a big fan of  wine snobbery. Sure, it is entertaining to poke fun at the wine novice’s unqualified swirls and base comments. It just isn’t a good way to make friends

Are You a Grand Old Flag?

The second day of the 2002 Winter Olympics dawns as a glorious morning at Utah Olympic Park site of the 90-meter ski jump qualifying round and finals.

Letter from Buenos Aires, part 3: Now & Then: Argentina chokes on neoliberal economics

December’s violence in Argentina got airplay worldwide: a concentrated social convulsion that brought about the government’s collapse.


Save Our Libraries!   When it comes to libraries, all the clichés ring true: perennial sources of wonder; vital points of access for citizens and aspiring citizens alike; the very lifeblood of American democracy.

Save the School Boards!

The mayor, his predecessor, and some education critics want to get rid of the community school boards. They want to lay the blame for declining test scores, declining education standards, and deteriorating physical plants at the feet of the community school boards.

Saying No to “Culture”

One wonders what could possibly be so bad about developing a BAM cultural district in Fort Greene, a neighborhood already brimming with vibrant cultural traditions.

The Depot: Letters and Announcements

The View from Rhinebeck   January 4, 2002   Dear Rail,   I read “Another Really Outstanding Article” (Jan.-Feb. ’02 Issue) by Ray Nedzel with interest. 

War’s Future? Destiny’s Child: A Coming U.S.-China Confrontation?

While the world’s attention is fixated on and preoccupied with the search for the ever elusive Osama Bin Laden, the real foe has, for now, been just as phantasmal—a forlorn specter looming on the horizon.

War’s Past: The Teeth of War

It would be too much of a generality to say that the smaller the country, the nice the people. But it is a truth that of the eight European countries I was in during the war, the nicest people by far were those in Wales and Luxembourg.


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