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DESTINY for FL, for VH

the K-mart picture of a flower pot cooks in splashed sunlight and the wall broils a cup of plastic ice two assholes you’ve never talked to in your life help you shuffle to the shitbowl.

Fear as a Machine

I’m afraid flea markets are the same all over the world. I’m afraid beaches are too. I’m afraid nudist ones are no exception.

Omens at Fajardo (1993)

it starts on the highway east a mangled bicycle, two black shoes just on the lip of the tar top road a blue car, the police peacocks preen and strut


Milk chocolate, (sugar, cocoa butter, Milk, chocolate, lactose, Milk— fat, Soy lecithin – an emulsifier,

The Script

I.   You thought this would be a dance lesson, things were easier then. No marimbas, no clarinets; only a longing for the fun to begin. Rain came down.

Rendezvous in Providence

Perhaps the gods are like us: a couple breathless on a narrow bed. They speak in low voices, watching a fly cross the ceiling.

We Believed in the End of the World

We scrunched under the desk where I once memorized the lives of saints and heroes


The Brooklyn Rail


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