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32 Lbs.of Head

(second poem), 2003

Inconsistency in the morning
Totally wanting about the earth
The short shadows foretell a short day
How quickly the light fades

Random locations
Action, action, and anger
Waving a flag of one ilk or another
A decision must now be made

Quantitatively quoting quirks
Strangely heavy behind the sea
A last gasp, a fare thee well
And off to a new beginning

Formulating fragments
Work, death, and death
And more work and sex and taxes
Saturday morning cartoons

Cloistered Conditions
Is Bugs speaking to me?
Or have I been alone too long?
The monster gets a haircut

Singing in the shower
Be watchful. The day shall flee
A change in the weather
And the dogs come back too soon

Wandering the known
Why does the city shrink?
My throat is raw with singing
Watery tombs soon evaporate

Sequestering sobriety
Drink, noise, and drunk
Will it take that long?
My puppet waves goodbye

32 lbs. of Head is an ongoing experiment between four artists: China Blue, Richard Humann, Suzan Dionne, and David Opdyke. It developed as a result of an interest in the spontaneity, interaction and consequent fluidity of meaning involved in a collaboration. By operating collaboratively, 32 lbs. of Head tackles their projects from a point of view which is necessarily multiple and often cacophonous. Previous projects include sound installations and exhibitions, as well as a round-table discussion published in New York Arts Magazine.


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MAR 2004

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