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OUT-TAKES: The Power of Osama

A country governed by the Taliban is not the best place to have wet dreams. If it happens, you are forced to perform ablutions decreed by them.

Docs In Sight

Even with growing popularity of theatrical documentaries, nonfiction still doesn’t seem to warrant a fraction of the publicity money that goes to awful fiction films. This makes those important docs that you “really meant to see” in the theater even easier to miss. So, for all that are often awed by the variety, drama and original perspectives that the form offers (usually those who remember to take a multi-vitamin along with a Red Bull), here are some of the docs that are premiering in April at independent theaters that need your support.

The Culture Wars of Christ: What the Success of Passion of the Christ Can Tell Us

Mel Gibson suffers from crucifixation, which would be fine if he were just another masochist calling 900 numbers when his wife was out of town.

REVIEW: Dogville

As usual for a Lars von Trier film, Dogville’s release has met with both denunciations and panegyric.

Anti- 100 Years of Cinema Manifiesto

Some are talking about the End of History. There are others who say that we are at the End of Cinema. Do not believe any of this!


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