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The Atlantic Yards Project: No Longer “Inevitable”?

What a difference a year can make. As January 2005 winds to a close, Bruce Ratner’s Atlantic Yards proposal, launched a year ago as the crown jewel in the developer’s Brooklyn menagerie, seems to be chugging along on fumes.

Shirley Chisholm’s Legacy

Writing in the January 1973 issue of Ms. Magazine, Gloria Steinem reflected on Shirley Chisholm’s recent run for the White House.

Art In Conversation

Catherine Murphy

Leading from the painter Catherine Murphy’s home in Poughkeepsie, New York to her studio is a beautiful path of brown sand over a field of frozen snow made by her husband the sculptor Harry Roseman.

The Spiritual in Art

Even for a viewer largely ignorant of Tibetan Buddhism, the Tantra paintings at the Rubin Museum of Himalayan Art have a transcendent intensity. The central figures, remote yet radiant in their precision of detail and vibrancy of color, are pivots in a fierce, wheeling geometry that presents an image of dynamic cosmic forces the viewer is meant to internalize and take out into the world.

Peter Acheson

In scale, Peter Acheson’s untitled, abstract paintings and watercolors range from diminutive to small. In fact, one could reproduce all of Acheson’s paintings actual size in a catalogue that would fit comfortably on someone’s lap.

Books In Conversation

George Braziller with Phong Bui

What got me into publishing was actually my first job. I was a shipping clerk making $15 a week, and the nature of that work was remainders. I knew very little about remainders or book publishing, but as I worked with these books, I got a sense of the kind of books that people were reading.

exchange: Hal Hartley & Joe Maggio

Hal Hartley’s latest film, The Girl From Monday, premiered at Sundance last month. Milk + Honey, the second film by Brooklyn’s Joe Maggio, premiered at Sundance last year and will open at the Quad on March 18.


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