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I felt warm in the trauma cocoon
 Of origin

Paleolithic sequence wound around the neck

Cave in to consciousness


( )

Under the pine tree uncle, placed there in a basket
The snow collected on my face and blanket

White makes green, dark evergreen density

Falling down downy flailing crystals softly freeze

Base roots nestle the babyShe is swaddled in sugar gum

Leaves left there in the forest, sky is dispersing

Below is a river and swords of ice boulders absorbing cold

Abandon baby under pine tree

Something elemental from the past

Fur outside, understanding

( )

Threaded with indentures, incitement writes the harlot
Of aroma, arenas of prodigious cycle

Klepto of grasses of twigs fodder cud or treading

Fulcrum throes stowaway edges

Garden margin rows of corn underbrush until forest

Stone cluster walls shady woods tormented

By the devil

( )

Is a quantity

( ) 

Map ventricles
Distant residual land ooze

Twisted corset the tectonic plates make

When crassness butts up against steel

Easily sidling against causeways

Fake streaks makeup

Vibrating we mingle

Directions automatically end

Imagining the moving picture

Static usefully electrifies

Credulity in white shoes slowly fades

 ( )

 Animal crew, taxonomy of nets
Pious office furniture

Foundation’s plastic surplus

Incantation and future and future because

Medicine has it so

Brave hot rocks sweat lodge

Human seat in the dark under birch

Feels like black expansion caved in but it didn’t

This could be called two faces

Bank vault natural voice in the air


( )

Recasts a psychic knot from blindness
Sex glistened in a theory

Slated for productionI has extricated from

Gesture, endures as a symptom

Representation, your sheriff

To signify

An ego

( )




Brenda Iijima’s book, Around Sea was published by O Books in 2004. She is the publisher of Portable Press At Yo-Yo Labs.


Brenda Lijima


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FEB 2005

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