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Dancing on the Rail: May Brooklyn-based and Beyond

May offers a chance to see both works honed in Brooklyn neighborhoods and other works by choreographers far outside of New York—Australia to be exact.

In Conversation

Trisha Brown with Vanessa Manko

The Trisha Brown Dance Company, formed in 1970, celebrated its 35th anniversary season in April with two programs at Lincoln Center’s Rose Theater.

Feedback at the Flea

For the uninitiated, there are often two common responses to dance: bafflement or boredom. Reasons for these reactions vary from work to work. Some choreographers create works with a narrative or theme that either doesn’t quite communicate or one that has gone too far beyond any level of comprehension. A dance doesn’t have to be intellectual to be good, but like any other art form, dance isn’t very forgiving of artistic laziness or a lack of clarity and thematic structure. This is perhaps more true of dance, which relies on movement, or the nonverbal, as a means of expression.

Memories of the Revolution

China’s Yellow River (also known as China’s Sorrow) has made at least five major course changes since 602 B.C. During these tumults, the river destroyed everything in its path, causing major floods and killing hundreds of thousands of people.


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