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Dancing on the Rail: Let the Festivals Begin

For me the approach of fall is signaled by the glut of press releases that I begin to receive in the last few weeks of August. Each envelope is thick with pages devoted to dance venues’ fall seasons, companies’ national and/or international tours, a choreographer’s most recent premier, or, as is the case in September, the fall festival line-ups of which there are now two.

Impure Movement: Cunningham, O'Connor and the Task of Saying Something by MJ Thompson

Two dances, back to back, and the temptation to connect the dots seems at first driven by circumstance. On a Tuesday, I see Merce Cunningham’s much anticipated Ocean (July, Rose Theater), a revival of the 1996 marking the choreographer’s last collaboration with his life-long collaborator and partner John Cage. Then, on Wednesday, I see Tere O’Connor’s Frozen Mommy (July, Dance Theater Workshop), which premiered last spring at the Kitchen and employs a rich use of everyday movement.

Notes from the Fringe

Well, it’s that time of year again: The middle of August, when everybody who can has escaped the city, and those who can’t escape reality at the always unpredictable Fringe Festival. We sent two of our fearless writers to check out a few dance offerings, and report back from the field. –Claudia LaRocco


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