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Rooting For The Buzzards

Wes Craven, creator and director of 1977’s pioneering The Hills Have Eyes, deemed Alex Andre Aja the future of horror, then handed the director creative control over the current remake.

DVD Culture

How Pink Got So Violent: A Guide to Japanese Female Exploitation Films of the ’70s on DVD

One of the more thrilling film experiences I had in the last ten years took place in my small apartment in Taiwan sometime during 1997.

The Resolution of Opposites: Blue Velvet at 20

The Film Forum recently hosted a screening of David Lynch’s Blue Velvet in honor of the 20th anniversary of the film’s release. A Lynch screening draws a crowd as eclectic as one of the director’s films. Punks love Lynch.

Docs In Sight

Docs in Sight

In memory of Garrett Scott R.I.P. (1968-2006) – The Rail community mourns the tragic loss of a great friend and filmmaker. Please take the time to read our tribute to him in the Express section of this issue.—WC


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