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Two Guys Walk Into a Bar

Entering Peggy’s, we interrupted a conversation between the barmaid and Sal about when infants get their first erections. Sal speculated that it was around age two, but Sylvia disagreed vehemently.

excerpts from Threads

Needing more time to arrive, I sit on a bench between ferry terminal and city gate, imagining that my father’s history is visible on my face.


I’m sick of candy. I never thought I’d say that. The first man to rape me used it. It was actually more of a kidnapping. Not legally, but it felt like one. He was my uncle. Before he was my kidnapper. His name is Sammy. I know, sounds like an antidepressant.


I don’t know how to be anything but this. It’s awful. I don’t know how to be a person. That’s what it feels like a lot of the time. Like when I visit at my cousins’. They’ve got this array of shower products so fangled and particular I can hardly believe in them.


The Brooklyn Rail

JUL-AUG 2006

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