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Eye on the Prize

Red Road starts off like a revenge thriller with a sophisticated visual style. Jackie (Kate Dickie), wearing the butch shirt-and-tie uniform of law enforcement, sits in a dark room in front of a huge bank of television screens, her eyes scanning an endless array of nothing in particular.

Transgression a’Go-Go

Nicholas Roeg’s directorial debut is a Borgesian, Britnoir, rock and roll fable on the uncertainty of self and the uneasy friendship between madness and art. Why it took all this time to get to DVD has been one of the great frustrating questions of the age.

Brute Force 1947 Criterion Collection

So one can’t help wondering what prison in 1947 was really like. Surely it was no cakewalk, yet as grungy and low-life as the inmates might seem, they’re stand-up guys who stick their neck out for a buddy. I

A Black and White Movie

La Haine is the “hate” of forgotten young men. Hubert, Saïd, and Vinz are no Benetton poster. African, Arab and Jewish, they connect decisively through hip-hop and the constant threat of the racist state.

DVD Culture

True Confessions

Remember back in the day before De Niro became a slapstick artist?


In Machuca, an award-wining Chilean film released to critical acclaim and a short New York run in 2004, co-writer/director Andrés Wood delivers a powerful and touching story about friendship—its importance, its potential for redemption, and its ability (or inability) to withstand pernicious influence.


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