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In Dialogue

Red Monkey in the Middle: Between Two Worlds with Catherine Filloux

The best kept secret in this world is violence against women, though it’s not even a secret. It doesn’t have to be.

Acts of Cruelty

he Hotel Savant’s production of Antonin Artuad’s The Cenci wends its way through the Ohio Theater this month, the first time the sole manifestation of Artaud’s legendary Theater of Cruelty has hit a New York stage in over three decades.

In Conversation

Caridad Svich with Eliza Bent

In late 2002, I kept having conversations about words and music with fellow artists, mainly playwrights, and how we could create new kinds of lyric texts for the stage

DON'T F#@! WITH the stageFARM

To decide what to produce, the stageFARM’s artistic director Alex Kilgore draws on his hard-earned, hard-living experience as a former punk rocker in Houston, Texas in the 80s to help decide what to produce.

Excerpt from "Killing the Boss"

Let me tell you what happened, Doug. I stopped seeing straight. My vision got poisoned. I never told you this, but when I came home from my first trip to this country, I looked at human beings in New York and I saw strange creatures.


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