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Middle-Aged Jesus: Lydia Lunch’s Second Coming

Lydia Lunch is the most arresting performer I’ve ever seen.

Fleet Foxes: Pastoral Melodies

"Come down from the mountain—you have been gone too long,” sings Robin Pecknold, singer and songwriter for Washington State’s Fleet Foxes.

¡Divertido! Dan Zanes’s ¡Nueva York! Brings a Guerilla Groove to Family Music

Fun is not a word commonly understood to spearhead subversive politics. Yet when Dan Zanes discusses life and music it becomes clear that fun is the sword with which he fights the good fight.

In with the Out Crowd

A jazz musician with a well-honed punk sensibility, Marc Ribot has been a mainstay of New York City’s downtown music scene for more than twenty years.

Cyrill Schläpfer with Bart Plantenga

Cyrill Schläpfer is one of those possessed artists, a bent ethnomusicologist veteran of many journeys into the Alpine countryside.


George Lewis’s 676-page magnum opus A Power Stronger Than Itself: The AACM and American Experimental Musichas, after ten years of intensive labor, finally come out.

Baye Kouyaté

The Malian percussionist Baye Kouyaté and I first met at a dinner where Bill Jensen and Margrit Lewzcuk were welcoming him back to Brooklyn from time in Tampa, Florida with his fiancée Annette and her two children.


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