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SONGS OF CORRUPTION: Christian Parenti with Fatima Bhutto

Fatima Bhutto, the 28-year-old niece of Benazir Bhutto, has just published Songs of Blood and Sword, a memoir about the Bhutto family and their central role in the high politics of Pakistan.

TABLETS OF HUMAN HEARTS: The Indestructible Cultural Wealth of Haiti

As I sat in the middle of the Haitian refugee camp with the battered guitar resting on my lap, I thought of Mamá Lola in Mexico.

Recalling Allen

Allen was a generous teacher and friend. I met Allen late one afternoon in the fall of 1976. I was drinking coffee, or maybe it was beer, with my roommate Danny Shot, on our Guilden Street, New Brunswick, NJ front porch.

Drawing the Disasters

Three books out recently report on situations in dangerous or repressive countries, using the comics medium: Guy Delisle’s Burma Chronicles reports on daily life for ex-patriots and aidworkers in the country now generally referred to as Myanmar; Joe Sacco’s Footnotes in Gaza provides an exhaustive account of two massacres that occurred more than 50 years ago in two Palestinian settlement towns; and David Axe describes the high-adrenaline life of a war reporter in his short book War is Boring

A Big Watch

Nadine Gordimer’s propulsive, powerful new nonfiction collection, Telling Times: Writing and Living, 1954 – 2008, represents a half-century of fervent dedication to moral truth and literary value, expressed with an eyewitness’s bracing candor and a poet’s sense of rhythm.


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