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Mothers Courage: Brooklyn Theater Mamas

Theater moms may be the most incredible group of cats you ever tried to herd into one place at one time, to use a phrase my own mother might.

The Everyday Art of Staying Alive: Honey Brown Eyes at The Working Theater

The Working Theater has spent the past 25 years producing theater that focuses on the struggles of ordinary people. Their newest production, opening in January on Theater Row, is Stefanie Zadravec’s Honey Brown Eyes (Helen Hayes Award recipient for Best Play 2009).

The Broken Lines of Tommy Smith

My mother was driving in Los Angeles with a friend, when her friend suggested that they stop off at an interesting looking bakery they had just passed. Being a native Los Angeleno, my mother said, “They’re not gonna want us in there.” To which her friend replied, “Rita, they’re a business, they want business, from whoever.” (Disclaimer: dialogue is approximate.) So they made a little bet, parked out front, then went on in.


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