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In Dialogue

Annie Baker: Laughing at the Laugh

I think it’s funny when playwrights talk about theater being this “dialogue” between the play and the audience, as if the audience is actually allowed to participate. I almost think it’s something we playwrights tell ourselves to feel better about trapping people in the dark with no food or bathroom breaks.

Our Passion Play

On April 24th, after a fire alarm went off during tech rehearsal and propelled the fully-costumed cast of Sarah Ruhl’s Passion Play out into the Fort Greene night, a Brooklyn fireman got his chance to thank Jesus personally for all he’d done for humankind.

Interesting Times with the Nerve Tank

In June of 1966, Robert F. Kennedy stood in front of a crowd of youthful supporters in Cape Town, South Africa and delivered a speech on the importance of individual liberty, apartheid, and the need for greater civil rights.

In Dialogue

Drenched: Emily DeVoti’s MILK

Anne Washburn: I suppose my question is, in setting a play on a working dairy farm are you writing about what you had, or about what you didn’t have?


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