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One Decade In Brooklyn...

What persists, what remains vivid, are the spaces, the rooms in which I’ve worked. And in my case, with the exception of the first, my books have been made in Brooklyn.

On Stealing from Kids

Providence Hogan, a P.S. 29 mom, may go to jail for embezzling more than $80,000 from the Cobble Hill elementary school PTA.

Long Island’s Wages of Sin

When 51-year-old domestic worker Samireh, an undocumented immigrant from Indonesia, wandered into a Nassau County Dunkin Donuts wearing little more than a towel back in 2007, she brought needed attention to the plight of thousands of underpaid and exploited household employees, the people who labor behind the scenes to keep American enterprise afloat.

Gateway into the Criminal Justice System

The number of marijuana arrests from 1996 to 2010 is nearly 16 times the number of arrests in the previous period.

Lessons of the Brooklyn Bounty

In Hungry City (2008), a book about food and cities, architect Carolyn Steel proposes the concept of sitopia as a practical alternative to the idea of utopia. Sitopia, Steel writes, is a potential solution to “the problem of dwelling.” Since the world is already shaped by food, she reasons, there’s no need to wait for a utopian future to start changing the world. We can start with food.


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