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american fossil

NICO VASSILAKIS, along with Crag Hill, edited THE LAST VISPO: A Visual Poetry Anthology 1998 - 2008 forthcoming from Fantagraphics Books (Fall 2012). Samples of Nico's work can seen at


Catherine Wagner lives in Oxford, Ohio with her son and cat (not same person). Her latest book is My New Job.

from Palm Lines

Ben Fama is the author of the chapbook Aquarius Rising (UDP 2009) and NEW WAVES (Minutes Books 2011). He is the founding editor of Supermachine Poetry Journal.

TINA CHANG with David St.-Lascaux

Tina Chang is the Poet Laureate of Brooklyn. Her new collection, Of Gods and Strangers, is slated for release in the Fall of 2011 by Four Way Books.


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