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YOU CAN’T PUT A LANGUAGE IN A ZOO: Bob Holman and Endangered Languages

One of the first languages spoken in Brooklyn is already extinct. Yours could be next.

From Brooklyn to Park City: Keith Miller’s Welcome to Pine Hill

More often than not in this city, heated sidewalk exchanges end in a slew of expletives barked back and forth until one person is out of earshot of the other. But what if these interactions between strangers led to a sincere attempt to understand another person, race, culture, or class?

Hookah Crackdown in Bay Ridge

In July last year, state legislators expanded upon existing law to add “hookah”—water pipes—and “shisha”—the mix of fruit, herbs, and tobacco smoked in the pipes—to the list of tobacco products that merchants are banned from selling to minors.

THE 99% BAT-SIGNAL: A Cry from the Heart of the World

“We need a bat-signal,” Hero said. “We need a bat-signal.”

Here Comes Success

An escalating charter school battle serves as a jarring reminder that even District 15 parents are still only the 99%—and that it’s the 1% that runs the show.

At Home in the Chelsea Hotel

When Sybao Cheng-Wilson was a teenager, she loved traveling from her family’s home in Queens to Manhattan’s Chelsea Hotel.

Why Cooper Union Matters

On a clear night in early November, hundreds of people filed into the Great Hall at Cooper Union. By 7:00, the auditorium’s 900 seats were full and hundreds of people crammed into standing room at the back.


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