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Where Did Uptown Go?

You been to Harlem lately? Yo, son, uptown is upside down! I know things change, but this is crazy.

REPORT CARD: “Who Wants to be a Teacher Now?”

It was exhilarating to see so many people in Madison defending teachers, instead of blaming them for failing schools and ailing budgets, as we tend to do here in New York—and just about everywhere else in this country.

The Luxury City

By summer 2002, the elements were in place for the Bloomberg administration to prepare “all of New York to compete, and win,” as the mayor had put it.

A Person of Prominence

It started when my friend Mark asked me, “Would you mind speaking to my Hasidic boyfriend?” Mark was straight, and it wasn’t really his boyfriend. Just a Hasidic gentleman who started calling Mark’s cell phone one day and had turned into a phone-pal of sorts.

Home Is Where the Brew Is

Served at President Obama’s Super Bowl party this year was the White House’s own honey ale, which an unnamed White House chef had homebrewed especially for the occasion.

Upsetting Brooklyn

When Zohra Saed was a child, her father frequently spoke about two things: Islam and Afghanistan, her family’s country of origin. She found his stories riveting. In fact, she loved them so much that she started writing stories and poems of her own

CITY NOTES: Brooklyn Is Everywhere

Two new books about Harlem make the writer wonder where Brooklyn "is."


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