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LACING ON THE GLOVES: Beautiful Burnout Hits St. Ann’s Warehouse

It must have been slightly off-putting for members of the National Theatre of Scotland, in town in 2008 to perform their critically praised Iraq war piece Black Watch at DUMBO’s renowned St. Ann’s Warehouse, to learn that the venue lacked a certain basic amenity: showers.

In Conversation

MAKING KIN: Bathsheba Doran with Jenny Schwartz

JENNY: It’s supposed to be 1,800 words. BASH: Wow. JENNY: How long is that?

You Are Now The Owner Of This Suitcase!

It’s been 11 years since John Rocker (if the name means nothing, think Eastbound and Down) got off the 7 train and shared his nuanced thoughts on that elevated conduit of multiculturalism in the January, 2000 issue of Sports Illustrated.

No Lame Plays Please. Thank you!

Once a month, on a Monday night at Dixon Place, you will find twisted, adventurous, and multi-talented artists spinning their ideas into gold (most of time) in front of an equally ambitious, off-the-mark audience that has shown up to see what in the world will happen this time.

Director Daniel Talbott and Playwright Stephanie Janssen reopen The Umbrella Plays

About three years ago I stopped by the office of wonderful MCC literary manager and brilliant dramaturg Stephen Willems to talk about a play of mine. We got to chatting about what we saw recently that we liked and he started waving his hands, excited

Aviones de Papel: From One City to Another, a Play Takes Flight

Spanish and Latin American mythology often refer to the idea of duende when describing certain modes of artistic expression. A complicated term to translate or define in English, its loose meaning might be surmised as a performance that is so sublime, transcendent, and fully realized that it appears as if some spiritual force has possessed its host.


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