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One longs for the day when local sports execs at least spoke of their “civic responsibilities.”

Where Did Uptown Go?

You been to Harlem lately? Yo, son, uptown is upside down! I know things change, but this is crazy.

REPORT CARD: Reform via Gentrification

"Stay in your own neighborhood,” the parent coordinator at a sought-after school on the southern side of Park Slope recently admonished a group of prospective parents who had come from all over Brooklyn.

PROFILE OF A TEEN MOM: Yaskaira Benitez

In fifth grade, Yaskaira Benitez stood in the nurse’s office, glaring at the mirror. Bloody scratches cut the smooth bronze of her face. The fight had been broken-up. Then she saw her reflection.

SEEDING LOCALLY Brooklyn Community Foundation

Marilyn Gelber, President of the 18-month-old Brooklyn Community Foundation (BCF), knows an uphill struggle when she sees one. “The world of foundations and philanthropies is midtown-Manhattan centric,” she says matter-of-factly. “A study by the Foundation Center, released several years ago, found that 89.7 percent of all grants given in New York City go to Manhattan-based organizations.”

Diary of a Street Art Culture Warrior

With a clink of shotglasses last night, I committed my intentions to pose naked for street artist Quel Beast, whom I met four days ago, and to write about it afterward. He is coming by later today, to take reference pictures of a few of us on my roof, and I am trying to decide what to wear.

I Drink to You: Anthology Film Archives's 40th Birthday and Benefit

Anthology Film Archives is a love letter to New York and to the future of our shared intellectual world. So let’s do our part and raise a glass at City Winery this Wednesday.


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