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Sonics in the Wildernesses—A Justification

Heavy-laden with electromagnetic clamps and batteries, I am often interrupted by suspicious passersby during my acoustical experiments in tunnels, industrial estates, and multi-story car parks.

An Auspicious Beginning for Elliott Sharp's Seventh Decade

Let’s be clear: To say that Elliott Sharp “plays” guitar is akin to saying that Bach wrote down some notes. Whatever it is that Elliott Sharp does to and with guitars while we, mere mortals, gape in stupefaction, is truly transcendental, and profoundly stimulating, and pleasurable beyond words.

Life After Turntablism

A couple of years ago, two music-collective filmmakers invited a handful of like-minded electronic/experimental/hip-hop producers to participate in a rather tightly governed documentary film and record project.

Spacewalking Together, Under the Vault

In a world where unpredictability and chaos seem overwhelming, it’s reassuring to have moments of coherence and community. John Luther Adams’s brilliant 2009 Inuksuit, which had its New York premiere at the New York Armory’s recent Tune-In Music Festival, provided an ironic oasis of noise, “cancellation,” and serenity.

“Thank You For Waiting”

The clear-cut missive appeared on Radiohead’s website on Valentine’s Day morning and set the blogging gears of anticipation into motion. Once again, these wizards of misdirection were pulling a rabbit out of their hat.


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