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Brooklyn Leads Living Wage Fight

Living Wage NYC aims to make it clear to developers and companies what is involved in doing business with the city.

CITYNOTES: Honor in the Court

In late March, the legendary federal judge Jack Weinstein issued an opinion notable for both its legal and intellectual range.

SISTERS FIGHT to End Harassment in Schools

They’re called Sisters in Strength (SIS) and the seven teenagers—ages 17 to 19—sitting around the conference table are eager to talk.

REPORT CARD: Drama of the “Gifted” Program

Parents all over Brooklyn are now learning how their preschoolers performed on entrance tests for the city’s Gifted & Talented program. (Yes, we do test children who are too young to tie their own shoes.) The children’s scores will determine whether they are eligible to apply for a range of advanced tracks and special schools throughout the city.

in Bensonhurst, There’s a Chicken in Every (Melting) Pot

“God gives every one of us a gift,” observes Carlo Formisano. “Let’s just say that giving people the best chicken around is our special gift.” During his 24 years as manager of the La Pera Brothers live poultry market in Bensonhurst, Formisano has attracted new waves of immigrants and kept the loyalists coming back for more.


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