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Nicely Dressed Noise

Caveat emptor on my reviewing this book, which intersects with my own life in numerous ways, and which I cannot claim to judge with an impartial eye. My vantage point is so subjective, in fact, that I could not even figure out what the book was about at first.


Andy Warhol’s immense body of work can at times seem to cover every subject under the sun. The equally immense amount of criticism and conjecture about his oeuvre makes the whole subject of Warhol’s art fraught with polarization and speculation.


Published last year by the Italian press Charta, David Schafer: Separated United Forms is a glossy vehicle for the sculptor’s recent work. It is a fine collection of elegantly laid out images with a theory-laden text which struggles to find its focus.Its merit will largely depend on your inclination regarding theory driven art and writing. Is this book’s use of theory a vice or virtue?


In Digital Magma, Jean-Yves Leloup offers his conception of how electronic music has enabled a generation to pursue its unique penchant for communal experience, while also providing contemporary societies with a means to reflect their individual realities.

Neither Wife Nor Widow

Artists, more so than most cultural figures, have a deeply ambivalent relationship to biography. In particular, women artists have historically confronted two categorical extremes: on the one hand, a dearth of material documenting their lives and work; on the other, identity overexposure, or reliance on artistic interpretation based solely on personal details.


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