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A New Anniversary

As fall comes, and the 10-year anniversary of 9/11 goes, it’s worth considering what’s changed in the past decade.

No Place to Sleep

Staff at the Fort Greene Strategic Neighborhood Action Partnership, a. k. a. Fort Greene SNAP, have already warned me that residents of the Auburn Family Residence might be afraid to talk to me about conditions in the enormous, 10-story homeless shelter located between the Cumberland Family Health Center and the Walt Whitman public housing complex off Myrtle Avenue.

Our Fake School Board

The meetings of the Panel for Educational Policy may look like democracy in action, but nothing the public says can influence how the mayor’s appointees vote.

After 9/11, Listening to the City

In September 2001, the Independent Press Association-New York office was only steps from ground zero, a one-person cubical space sharing with two other one-person nonprofits.

The City Revealed

The stairs descending to the Under St. Marks Theater lend a sense of entering a clandestine world. This may be because the worn black box is situated in a basement, and its shabbiness feels like an emblem of underground, East Village cool. But more likely it’s because I’m about to see nudity.


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