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Marina Lazzara’s poems have been published in Processed World, Big Bridge, Fence, Amerarcana and JellyRoll Magazine, among others. She is a guitarist and vocalist in The Rabbles, and editor for Plastic Ocean: poetry, the ocean & culture.


Leopoldine Core was born and raised in Manhattan. Her poems and fiction have appeared or are forthcoming in Open City, The Literarian, Joyland Magazine, Agriculture Reader and Harp & Altar.


Jon Leon is the author of The Malady of the Century (Futurepoem Books, 2012). He lives in Los Angeles where he is writing a book-length study on Lindsay Lohan.

Minced Pollock

Judah Rubin lives in Brooklyn with his cat, Marlowe. He is the editor of Well Greased Press and gatherer of The Death and Life of American Cities.


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