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In Dialogue

Alone in the Interstices with Craig Lucas

Before he was a powerhouse playwright hyphenate, Craig Lucas was a chorus boy in Stephen Sondheim’s Sweeney Todd. In 1981, with director Norman René, he conceived of a libretto consisting only of stage directions with songs from Sondheim’s trunk to create Marry Me A Little, a story of two people alone on a Saturday night, yearning for connection, just a floor apart.

Welcome to the Fearless Indie Theater Universe. Population? Growing Strong
Episode Two: London-Town, UK!

The theater-doing scene in London boils down to one story for me. Waiting for a red bus on my way to a rehearsal of my play Birthday, which was receiving its U.K. Premiere, two women in their mid-20s were talking about what was going on at the National—a show which they had seen separately. One liked the play, one didn’t.

Ball Slapping on a Pile of Trash with Charlotte Miller

It’s March, it’s cold out, and I’ve been in a filthy East Village basement for a week. Water stains line the walls. The lights leak when it rains. There’s a stench from the alley. And there’s a mess of trash everywhere. Admittedly, I’ve been adding to the garbage every morning with old clothes and books I find at friends’ apartments.


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