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OCT 2013

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OCT 2013 Issue

Elbow to Elbow

Letter I

We were all astray by the seemingly pure cry of the loon.
Though it is not any better outside with the songs of the cicadas
And with every new breeze the willow displays another configuration.
Yet the hawk has a thousand valleys in its eye but flies straight to its nest.
And from deep within the earth the mountains rise straight to the sky and beyond.
Each revealing an occurrence appearing of itself


Letter II

“Know the world without going out the door
Know the weather without looking out the window.”

Laozi, Wen-Tzu, 7th Century B.C.E

“To realize that our knowledge is ignorance, is a noble insight.
To regard our ignorance as knowledge, this is mental sickness.”

Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching, 5th Century B.C.E


Letter III

It is better to know and do, than to think you know and not do.
Innocence on fire is far better than intelligence on ice.


Bill Jensen NYC, 2007-2012


The Brooklyn Rail

OCT 2013

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