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from Jaguar Harmonics
         [person woven of, of tesserae]


Accretion’s  musical memory
        earliest was cycladic rhythm her timing her non-Wagnerian  measure
insulin wars          Kundry the mud goddess shifts in her ooze

Huguenot ancestry mystery
  or mastery of survival coded in a Mongolian eye-fold

Will you run, swim dive across a lifetime of persecution
female of all females would  run

    swim and breathe across the boundary hounded hooded persecution

Person woven of forest time and running

Person woven of savannah metrics

Person born of a violinist who played and died way before the strings
grew thin and weak

Person with one thousand four hundred cubic centimeter brain

           entopic brain, gestation of pliant harmonics

in the place within place that is  pre-recorded desire

 O Asia! a cheetah-like-gilded-housecat-in-her-stripes would pounce upon











Edenic brain, inebriant one

sun sun sun sun sun sun sun sun

Person woven of monoliths may be mere glass

Person of a mirage that would be fate of all ancestor sees

Person that is the core of galaxy she seizes

Our Milky path, a poetics of influence

Bricolage of sensibility made for future fur bits

Person woven of monoliths still standing but fall down

proprietary then modest
clean up messes the body makes mockery of

and you can’t just go around killing and conquering persons
you can’t just take them out at midnight and rape and slaughter and kill persons











build it, Pleiades said

Feeling alone I – I – I - he was wasn’t singing your vision
Feeing alone person alone, curandero wasn’t singing your vision in
Pleiades wasn’t singing it in I – I - I
Sending it in aye-aye-aye

curandero sing it in call upon you Pleiades sing it in

You alone sitting and crumbled
& what is best for this and into the  crystal mirror
into the sky
see youself,  repent?

and what is best you lie down and sink down to send it in
and send your crystal casket into rhythms of outer space
embrace a 3-brane world
singing in the signals
crystal casket to the 3-brane world











head waters    not headquarters  
no centerpiece
lucid inside
like the coli of the centipede
and your “remains” watching and looking
your remains when you have been burnt out
and nurtured to burn out
watching and looking still lucid at the fire pit
you are cinder

Center of the universe out out!

Person woven of chronometers

Person a chip so small

Or ember growing to size of Saturn

Person woven of flames of tension

Jaded, see the souvenir of person

A little chain over her head
    plastic pink cyborg on a chain

A utility object to remind you of your mortality

An opener, a key, a reminder, an aperture, an extra hand

Snaky markings on vines intricate
Like the markings of the tortoise oracle

who summon & who believe?

Person Quick-to-See

Person Slower-in-Step

asp of hope, serpent’s aspiration, “mental” it? heh heh











Cool down, a sorcerer’s misery
Cool down the trance and truth serum
of unsolved nation-states and their secrets

in truth

As if the world can’t face truth
Human a bond of the bestial

And ferocious

claws.......elongated claws
  against the face,  of yours and yours
& printed cleft festered
the back of my neck
I carry all these persons inside who walk my spine
Digress with small carnivores
Rhythm’s broken vertebrae

  Person woven of pivots

a con of ego in flaws of endtime

Madre says You old gal!

you old old gal!

matters, all snag a madre
   just as a circle remains madre su madre

           gaunt gal with broken held-together-vertebra
shuffle in the dance line, old madre with one breast











 and matters arrive again & meow money
  Tell em my Paris, my Mexico, my mid East
Colombia I thirsted for
of family

roots broken
blood poured out of my eyes

I see your blood too come out of you, earth eyes

People reason science too many for the plantation
O scene’s & geography’s a hold history for

What we made strife of

For others

Person woven of cruelty

and then again, of cruelty
said the Jaguar
of nothing yet you’ve seen this earth











Author of false thins eject

I a poor somber eye

Race for it
Mode as

Ever sore a gravid one

And the elder poet came of Lebanon and said

we’re all in debt to one’s wonder,
       signals of the medicine world
come down to the same root word or caesura,
          to the comma and the littler increments and we will
be the seeds they are and be the green ornaments they are
         and please to magic and please please to magic come...

Person woven of trace elements and scent of Lebanon

that migrates what she knows through the book world

and will not hold off

and will not let go

and loves her night sky patterning down











quitter curst

And said it’s because of blunt instruments

I said, said, saying
I quitter said I
a quiet burst to quit a quitter in

And a new tower quits of itself, no coin
    blunt burst in to halt a fall
off a tower in flame

desert the color of which is anger
 then red

No No I said to them (the voices)

It is a neutral face will not quit

Person of cosmetics walk away

Person of responsibility walk away

And how be summoned

& who to respond?

Never quit responding sent of human

which is
of lute, divine

sense roots
diverse habit

women,  of many animals  fur and claw
orgy of skin, interdictions
then cry your preview’s legible doubt
are you a tinsel angel all surface show and glitter?











Person woven of doubt
Limpid alarm

Dr Lazarus is best

When all the best intentioned die down at night

Lie down and sleep

It will be the century no longer yours

Take my word, person woven of words

photon!  listen, photon!

jolt of space-time travel
how elemental you are
hiding your substructure

it will be up to the keepers of the future we imprint upon

now? arise?

go, now?

where fermions where quarks where leptons where bosons


Anne Waldman

ANNE WALDMAN is a poet, performer, professor, editor and cultural activist. She is the author of over forty books of poetry, including the book-length hybrid narrative poem Manatee/Humanity (Penguin Poets, 2009) and the feminist epic The Iovis Trilogy: Colors in the Mechanism of Concealment (Coffee House, 2011), which is the winner of the 2012 PEN Center USA Award for Poetry. Other recent books include the forthcoming Voice's Daughter of a Heart Yet to Be Born (Coffee House Press, 2016), Jaguar Harmonics (Post-Apollo Press, 2014), Gossamurmur, (Penguin Poets, 2013), and Cross Worlds: Transcultural Poetics (Coffee House, 2014), co-edited with Laura Wright. Waldman is the recipient of the Shelley Memorial Award and a Guggenheim Fellowship (2013 - 2014), and is a Chancellor of The Academy of American Poets. She recently received a long-life achievement award by the Before Columbus Foundation (2015). She has collaborated with numerous visual artists, including Elizabeth Murray, George Schneeman, Richard Tuttle, Donna Dennis, Pamela Lawton, Pat Steir, and filmmaker Ed Bowes. Waldman has also worked on recent projects with Meredith Monk, Douglas Dunn, musicians Thurston Moore and Ha-Yang Kim. She founded the poetry and music recording label and music consort: Fast Speaking Music with musicians Ambrose Bye and Devin Brahja Waldman, with whom she also collaborates. Recent CDs include Comes Through in the Call Hold, and Jaguar Harmonics. Publishers Weekly has deemed Waldman a counter cultural giant. She is a founder of Naropa University's MFA and the Artistic Director of its Jack Kerouach School of Disembodied Poetics Summer Writing Program.


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