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when the cumbia cowboys suck BLOOD
the BUTT ANGELS drink urine

when the cumbia cowboys EFFECTUATE silence
the butt angels apply LOTION

where is joaquín archivaldo on el 16 de SEPTIEMBRE?
why did you WANDER?

when the cumbia cowboys FEINT in the vivarium
the butt angels HOARD pupae

when the cumbia cowboys pretend JESUS
the butt angels LAND ON nablus

they flounder ILLUSTRIOUS
sang joaquín archivaldo on independence day

I was THERE when the cumbia cowboys rewound the tape
when the butt angels GOT scabies

I was just a TEACHER
I was spartan IN LOVE and young

what corrido alterado is LEAST evil?
did joaquín archivaldo gavage our mule?

when the CUMBIA COWBOYS remember al-andalus
the butt angels reify HOLES

when the cumbia cowboys get HEADACHES
the BUTT ANGELS milk the servants

and when the cumbia cowboys lie DOWN
the butt angels sit on my FACE

WHAT did it feel like suffocating?
did the beautiful soldier hit you AT ALL?

they're hermaphrodites in charge of god!
where was joaquín archivaldo?

I don't KNOW and don't ask me
WHEN the cumbia cowboys resist nature

the butt angels build JAILS
(Ω) I was THERE in carandiru

I was brown when they treated me WHITE
a big MAN came in a blue cap of token usufruct

I LOVE the new world
I love all WOMEN

I love GOOD wives

how much money did the PRI pay?
those languorous SHITHEADS racialize flowers...

WHEN the cumbia cowboys come hither
the BUTT ANGELS dissemble sybaritic

when the CUMBIA COWBOYS frack
the butt angels IMPREGNATE

is this how joaquín archivaldo MAKES hanky-panky?
NO I don't think so

I HATE capitulation

when they released you what did you SAY?
what did I tell THEM?

my NAME is mohammad but they call me josé
I LEFT for my master

vacant SOMETIME at night
head-hearted like a shrimp

I threw salt over my back for good LUCK
I will never do IT in teams

then why did joaquín archivaldo commit YOU?
why did you waste time DYING?

the BEAUTIFUL soldier wielding her sword

(I love LEATHER belts)
(I love fighting BACK)










When I LOOKED at the IMAGE for the first TIME, I saw

an old PERSON. He was PRAYING while he was sitting on

SOMETHING HIGH. Behind him there was a TREE. His

EYES were CLOSED. Under where he was SITTING there

were A LOT OF PEOPLE who were also PRAYING. The

people were praying in A DIFFERENT WAY than the OLD

PERSON. IT SEEMS all the people OBEY the same GOD,

while the OLD PERSON obeys and PRAYS for


not like OUR GOD who WE CAN'T SEE.


it is not clear FOR WHAT he is PRAYING because his eyes

ARE CLOSED and NOTHING IS in front of HIM.

Therefore I can IMAGINE he is praying for the TREE that

it is BEHIND HIM and asking it to achieve SOMETHING

for him WITHOUT LOOKING at it. IF HE WERE looking

at it, I would KNOW he is OBEYING IT since I heard

about A GROUP OF people who OBEY trees.






the mexican:


"at some point I grew distant and became a star—

'el yo ya fantasma—

'there are rats in the ashes—

'something like sabra and shatila—

'I started to learn portuguese and vincenç taught me hebrew—

'toda bavakasha aliyah gadol ken—

'por diferentes razónes me preguntaron los músulmanes—

'sobre mi apellido pérez—

'I've never been a farmhand in my life—


'joaquín archivaldo lynched me on youtube—

'in brownsville my cousins began to read—

'images of aztec greasers and hijab virgins and orthodox bedsheets with tiny holes—

'running an iron over my chest—

'así que no he matado a nadie—

'what do I know about the nephilim—

'with auxiliary organs I assume enkidu—

'a kite in the air of hebron—

'the leather hat—

'practice skin saved us—

'cardamon freekah—

'vaya con dios—

'first crossing the diptych then the panama canal on a boat asturias—

'where we visited the centro neimeyer—

'that made us think of failed projects in israel—

'eventually I eat up diogenes—

'vallejo says earth has edges of coffin in its shadow—

'es que lo animal nos conmueve—

'can I say I love sonia—

'in carandiru forget about it—

'can I say I love sonia?—

'all they gave me was this manual­—












Don't push me past the border I'm happy
Where Humpty Dumpty is
He is not an egg in any sense
We just sit here and wait for horses
That walk a weird step
They sobreandan
Like an intercepted Fajr-5
I watch the metal fall
Crazily the metal falls
And write 5 poems about it
Then I write about sufganiot
I write in Area B
They are tearing
Up blue slips
If leather jackets turn to smoke how
Do I go out in the night?
I will ask the poet Tesfahiwets
He says if we were to just turn from
The butt angels
Playing trumpet
And who are they, Tesfahiwets?
Butt angels are the raiment of the Melancholy Man
To be alive and catch their eyelashes
It's not only
An Eritrean's dream
They are the camel in the
Bucolic desert
A silver necklace of Querétero
The rabbit that kicks its feet and runs
Very fast
Along the settlement
Roads all hush












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ready newspaper Diagonal leather hat crutch gaunt university A'riel ranchman wetback

segregated key hole bed sheet Rio Grande Sunni gringo rent Negev cohete bomb tower

leftist Chapo Guzmán malevolent anis glee orthodox Tamaulipas taco truck

Gilgamesh abort tires burning Ben Gurion horseshoe narco colonia kneeling peligro

spit workpants Caterpillar spectacle Tehran acid reflux lluvia bleeding idol tease

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Tel Aviv cloudy kaput smut wagon haram Wild West clubbed Doberman

attack woody profile cosmopolitan knock-kneed pog tint wrapper Defense Force shirt

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shut down macro Adonis secret CNN Snowden love gone commando bad hamantash

fuckwad egg smelt kibbutz Chihuahua pollution embargo tunnel molar

Lebanon pandilla rightwing fighter jet monied frontera pedant voting cardboard

Simon Peres immaculate palm frond treaty two-time cumbia speed sniffer

prophet bus Yafo greasy milligrams shaking Mediterranean never permission shaving



Christopher Rey Pérez

Christopher Rey Pérez is the author of the pamphlet On the Heels of Our Enemies (98Editions). Currently, he lives in Palestine, where he teaches at al-Quds Bard Honors College. These poems are from his manuscript LOVE PANT ALIEN.


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