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Additional Dancers of Note

Aya Sato: transcendent intuition, sliding, placid, pure openness, generosity, beat dropping. Find her in Laurel Atwell’s “Private Conversations on Public Time,” at Dixon Place in September.

Leslie Allison


Larissa Sheldon: epic, past-life goddess from Lesbos, stretching space and limb, warmth, playing in trees. Find her in the music video “Cry”by Cross, to be released this December.

Leslie Allison


Cassie Mey: bold, dark coffee, considered resolution, rising, eyes, some kind of truth, lightning. Find her in Dean Moss’s “johnbrown” at The Kitchen in October.

Leslie Allison


Vanessa Anspaugh: brings a gritty, in-your-face realness that almost makes you have to look away. Come watch a fearless body that fully understands
the complexity of its own choreographic container.

Cassie Peterson


Addys Gonzalez: a versatile performer who enlivens whomever’s work he steps into. He transmits the full range of possible human affects with the ease of a seasoned expert.

Cassie Peterson


Aretha Aoki: performs with abandon and an unequivocal commitment to any task at hand. She embodies tension, strife, triumph, and an occasional irony with an enduring deftness that has come to characterize her performance work.

Cassie Peterson


Raja Feather Kelly: for having a presence and movement style quite unlike anyone else. Though he is fearless in the face of challenge, he approaches these same challenges with the utmost compassion for his collaborators and his environment.

Ivan Talijanic and Risa Shoup


Benjamin Freedman: one of the newest members of the Mark Morris Dance Company approaches each piece with an astonishing physical dexterity.

Madison Mainwaring


Latifa Laâbissi: creates some of the most powerful contemporary pieces in the feminist and post-colonial traditions, all of which are injected with a sense of humor.

Madison Mainwaring


Shannon Gillen: for a fierce physicality and rigorous inquisitiveness in her work.

Ivan Talijanic


Ivan Talijancic

is a time-based artist, educator, and journalist and co-founder of WaxFactory. He is the Artistic Director of Contemporary Performance Practices program in Croatia, recipient of a 2020 Performance Award from the Café Royal Cultural Foundation, and a member of the Bessie Awards committee.

Leslie Allison

LESLIE ALLISON is a writer and musician. She composes choral music for performance collaborations with Francis Weiss Rabkin, and her illustrated chapbook of poetry about Martha Stewart, MARTHA, will be released in April 2015 by Ugly Duckling Presse.

Risa Shoup

RISA SHOUP is the Associate Director of The Invisible Dog Art Center, Brooklyn, and her passion is to develop unique and accessible cultural spaces from existing building stock. She works to provide artists with the financial and workspace resources they need to create work that the public can experience in non-traditional spaces.

Madison Mainwaring

MADISON MAINWARING is completing her PhD in French at Yale. She has contributed to The Believer, The Economist, and Harper’s Magazine, among other publications.

Cassie Peterson

CASSIE PETERSON is a New York-based writer and thinker. She works as a psychotherapist by day, and moonlights as a dramaturge, essayist, and contemporary dance critic.


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