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The Ancestor of Hearts

The fur coat she was wearing hung as heavy as a child on her shoulders, and she looked stunned, arrived somehow by taxi, livery cab? Fleeced? Mrs. DePour’s large alligator bag was open.


Was my number perfect or incomplete, beautiful or ugly, real or mere illusion? I tried to calculate it but couldn’t step into the same river twice. I needed air and, thank Empedocles, there was still some left in the bucket.

Cake (extract)

Many thanks for the wonderful Flowers you gave me. As they open they are fantastic I have never seen anything like them before. They really brighten my room. Excuse my writing as my left hand is useless. Again many thanks and Love from Mrs Bet Brown.

from Miransù

I did well to marry grandfather. Perhaps I wasn’t suited to being with sedate folk, worthy, reliable, but if you had spent the childhood and the youth that I had… When nonna died no one took the house in hand.

Chapter 1 from Little Is Left To Tell

out now from Starcherone Books All the children of Mrs. Rabbit had been healthy and happy, their rooms tidy, clothing and toys arranged in their places, sheets pulled snug, waiting to hold their bodies in the night, pillows where they would rest their heads when the clock sang time for bed.

an extract from Our Lady of the Nile

out now from Archipelago Books There is no better lycée than Our Lady of the Nile. Nor is there any higher. Twenty-five hundred meters, the white teachers proudly proclaim. “Two thousand four hundred ninety-three meters,” points out Sister Lydwine, our geography teacher. “We’re so close to heaven,” whispers Mother Superior, clasping her hands together.

The Selected Correspondence of Louis-Ferdinand Céline

These letters are excerpted from The Selected Correspondence of Louis-Ferdinand Céline, additional letters from this manuscript will be featured through the Summer and Fall in the Brooklyn Rail.

Yup Nope

Andrea Tsurumi is an illustrator and cartoonist who likes (in no particular order) history, absurdity, dogs and monsters. Her work has appeared in The Nib, The Rumpus and is forthcoming in The Graphic Canon of Children's Literature.

Countless Evils

Hector was a T. Motley directed experimental cartoonists' co-op that thrived through the 1990s. The text for this unpublished strip is from a "cut-up poem" provided by the science fiction poet, Lee Ballentine, at a fringe literature festival called "Death Equinox." I miss the 1990s.


Arryan Decatur has an Aerosmith tattoo on the upper part of his right (your left) love handle that cost 70 dollars.

Message from March 3rd, 2014

Molly Roth is an aspiring human being/contributing member of society based out of Brooklyn, New York.

Overheard at the Atlantic Terminal Mall

I almost forgot you were here.


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