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CORDY RYMAN Chimera 45


Cordy Ryman, “Chimera 45” (2015). Acrylic, enamel on wood, 131 x 768 x 4” (dimensions variable), installation.


Each space between the endless concentric squares
Refers to its diamond configuration,
Recalls the mitered maze that we traveled through

On View
Zurcher Gallery
March 12 – May 7, 2015
New York
Lit from above, below, it glows from the opposite like
The eternal fires of Chimera with a
Dazzling spectrum of fluorescent orange, merlot,
Burgundy red, seductive lipstick red that provokes
FUCHSIA, and baby pink.

An optical sensation, prompted by the occasional
Brush marks, drips in various permutations,
Detectable FLECKS of
Premium wood glue. Titebond II,
D-1, B-2, C-1, to whomever is counting
This maddening geometry!

Imperfect declaration of a specific architect
Who refuses to calculate properly.
Moreover, a known possessor of
The 2 × 4 and the undisputed master of the chop saw.
JUDICIOUSLY he calibrates muscular consumption.
In “Rough 45 Ghost” traces of HB pencil lines are
Left undisturbed as if the intended elevation for
“Rough 45” will soon to be delivered, at half past 4 pm.

Smudges, screw holes, coarse thread drywall screws,
Empathic scratches that lift the falling weight of avalanche
Of a ferocious family of 2 × 4s who have skipped one
Too many steps on the steep staircase.

My wife says she prefers
“Yellow Clacker Caps.” Some one else shouts,
“I can only spare five equal eye screws from my tool box.”

How unfortunate that I never got to play with him when
We were children! “Butor Bit Vert” and “Butor Bit Rough”
Have given up their Delphic geometry to “Bittar Plan 1.”

From Bernard’s handsome Rizzoli monograph of Braque,
Prominently resting on a single book shelf, to late night
Analytical cubist exercise, “2 AM Knuckles,”
We all know lots of things have happened
There in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

Around the corner “Fran’s Knot” is someone’s bicycle wheel
That becomes a moon, spinning to its own speed.
“13 Years” from now “Dark Star” will be
Welcomed into his vast orbit.

No one remembers what he was like in “1994.”
Like the eternal fires of Chimera in LYCIA,
The total environment is lit from within.




Phong Bui

Phong H. Bui is the Publisher and Artistic Director of the Brooklyn Rail.


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