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Field Notes

Editor’s Note

I grew up around adults who had made it through the Second World War—by leaving Europe in time, evading or refusing the draft in the United States, or by being among the lucky ones to survive a spell in a concentration camp.

Huntsville Notes

Huntsville, nestled in the foothills where the Appalachian mountains trail off into flat Alabama farmland, lies a world away from the loamy soil of southern Alabama’s impoverished rural Belt—the Black Belt of Selma, Montgomery and “Bloody Lowndes” fame that birthed the civil rights movement.

Rising Mortality of US Whites Around Age 50
An American Tragedy?

Rising death rates among non-Hispanic whites ages 45 – 54 were reported in early November in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, the prestigious journal usually known in the scientific community as PNAS.

A Communist Life

Along with the return of economic crisis and social struggles around the world, the term “communism”—supposedly discredited once and for all by the experience of Russia and its satellite states in the 20th century—seems to be enjoying a certain comeback in recent years.


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