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Theater Comes Home
Gideon Irving is Living Here

In a spacious apartment on the Upper West Side sits a bespectacled young man, donning a knit beanie in a cozy and cluttered room. He is comfortably situated amidst an array of electronics and speakers. Guitars, banjos, and similar-looking (though probably more exotic) stringed instruments hang on the walls. He picks up a banjo and starts into a song. The music rings of American folk sounds, blended with other cultural influences. His voice is big and uninhibited, never lacking in sincerity.

David Greenspan. And his Little Dog, Too

David Greenspan was talking with his partner about old Hollywood actresses. One name struck him: Helen Twelvetrees. In photos, she looked haunted. Haunting. Greenspan did some research. She played Blanche DuBois in a summer stock Streetcar on Long Island in 1951. He was given to believe she was very good in that Streetcar. Very good. Now she’s mostly forgotten.


The Brooklyn Rail

MAR 2015

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