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Baltimore’s “Fire Next Time”

On April 27, 2015, Baltimore erupted into what was arguably the worst urban rioting in a major U.S. city since Los Angeles in 1992. Scores of buildings were looted and burned and at one point, so many buildings had been torched that the city ran out of fire equipment to put the fires out and had to summon surrounding county fire departments.

From The Editor

To Our Friends: Two Friendly Responses

In 2007 the group that calls itself The Invisible Committee published The Coming Insurrection, which was widely discussed across the range of leftwing media (and Fox News to boot). The Committee has now brought out To Our Friends, published in the United States by Semiotext(e).

On The Invisible Committee’s To Our Friends

We are living through a period of upheavals erupting around the world, happening in unexpected places and with consequences greater than anyone anticipated. After these uprisings—in Egypt and Turkey, in Greece and Spain, in Quebec and the United States, and in so many other places—the present state of affairs appears as absurd as ever.

Anti-Terrorism and the Specter of The Invisible Committee

On November 11, 2008, a small army of heavily armed police in balaclavas moved into the village of Tarnac, on the Millevaches plateau, a rural area known for resistance activity during the Second World War and its tradition of rural communism.

Since the End of the Movement of the Squares:
The Return of The Invisible Committee

To Our Friends, The Invisible Committee’s most recent book, appears a little over seven years after 2007’s The Coming Insurrection.


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