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In Conversation

Wrestling Alligators:
HILARY BETTIS with Kyoung H. Park

Hilary Bettis’s Alligator is a gritty play that explores identity through the story of seven young adults facing tumultuous life transitions. Each of them is searching for love, forgiveness, and the meaning of life.

Playing in No Man’s Land with The Anthropologists

Every rehearsal room is a reflection, a reflection of values: who is present and whose voice is heard. The construction of the rehearsal room is the delicate and often alchemic work of the director; walking into the room an ethos is immediately shared by the one who leads, and this is a powerful politic.

In Dialogue

Courting the Lower East Side with Andy Bragen

Andy Bragen’s new play, Don’t You F**king Say a Word, is a love letter to one of those funny little subcultures that exists in pockets around the city—in this case, the public tennis courts on the Lower East Side, and the eclectic community that has arisen on these battlegrounds of amateur tennis competition.

“A current gaining more wave:” 25 Years of Artist Development at Brooklyn Arts Exchange

In 2012, I had the honor of being fully inducted into the BAX community as an artist-in-residence, so profiling the space feels like a bit of a homecoming. I remember it as a thrilling time in my art life. Not since the days of my luxurious collegiate conservatory actor training had I been granted such access to studio space without the gnawing consideration of how I might pay for it alongside the pressure to produce something great.


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