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Permanent Caterpillar:
Was It a Dream?

One of Normandy Raven Sherwood’s first plays was about a couple of coat-check girls at a fancy restaurant, and even though I can’t exactly remember what happened, it didn’t even matter because her sense of space and place and weird relationships were unique and odd and riveting.

Studies in Chekhov:
Revealing Process with WaxFactory’s PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER!

The question of “process” is increasingly fundamental to contemporary performing arts, if for no other reason than its absence from the discourse around performance seems so out of sync with the investment of time and labor it requires.

Bringing Kentucky Home:
Leah Nanako Winkler

Leah Nanako Winkler—Japanese-born, Kentucky-raised playwright—has been self-producing her work in New York for years. Winkler has a singular voice, piercingly funny and irreverant, and surreptiously affecting.


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