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LYNN STERN with Alex Chowaniec

New York–based photographer Lynn Stern’s subversive images stare back. Her skulls, shot on black-and-white film, open up critical questions about death and dying in an ongoing exorcism that has lasted for over twenty-five years. I consider Stern equal parts sculptor and photographer.

Stanley Whitney: Sketchbook

Known as an abstract painter for his bold use of gridded color swatches, Stanley Whitney crowds his drawings with an abundance of line, as seen in his September-October exhibition of drawings at Lisson Gallery in Chelsea.

The Hungry Years, by Jack Pierson
Peter Hujar: Speed of Life, by Peter Hujar

Jack Pierson was born with a plastic spoon in his mouth. In his hometown of Plymouth, Massachusetts, exposure to high modern culture was maybe a yellow school bus trip to the Boston museums; back at home, dirty-sneaker kids gaped moon-eyed at tour buses, laden with people from Paramus cruising for Pilgrims.


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