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Field Notes

Climate Change:
What is to be Done?

Let me start with a blunt statement: It seems to me quite likely that weather calamities will get worse in coming decades and major climate catastrophes implying many fatalities, perhaps many hundred million deaths, will occur before the end of the century.

Welcome to Brexitland

From Manchester to Dresden, Reims to Detroit—abandoned factories, rusty machinery and rutted roads form the backdrop to the angry proletarians who have entered the political stage of the deindustrialized countries, at least since the onset of the global crisis in 2008.

Letter from Eastham Unit

Waking from a restless semi-sleep in which I couldn’t quite slip into full unconsciousness, I sit up and place my bare feet on the floor. I’m no longer even bothered by the scattering of the many roaches that my floor and walls are always full of.

Worth the Pilgrimage: Eugenio Granell

In Praza do Toural, a square in the beautiful old city of Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain, you will find Pazo de Bendaña, a baroque building that since 1995 has housed the Granell Museum.


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