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In Conversation

IVO VAN HOVE with Ivan Talijancic

The iconoclastic Flemish director Ivo van Hove is hardly a stranger to New York theatergoers—downtown, uptown, and Broadway alike.

Reclaiming Cultural Extractions: Safe Harbors Indigenous Collective’s Don't Feed the Indians—A Divine Comedy Pageant!

Over the past decade I’ve spent an increasing amount of time in New Mexico, particularly Albuquerque, where indigenous culture is woven intrinsically into the city which is within a two-hour drive, or less, to seventeen pueblos.

In Dialogue

The Light and the Dark of Susan Soon He Stanton

I first met the intriguing Susan Soon He Stanton in the development phase of her career—initially, through her time as an inaugural Van Lier Fellow at The Lark in 2011, and then the following year though Rising Circle’s PlayRise play development program.

Finding Bess: 17c and the Restoration Theater of Annie-B Parson

Few people owned a clock when Samuel Pepys was born above his father’s tailoring shop in 1633. But they had the day and night, then as ever, and the seasons and phases of the moon.


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