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Brown Seaweed Soup

Brown seaweed soup is a kind of a soup with brown seaweed in it. Brown seaweed soup is an important food as well as a healing medicine. With its profusion of ferrous iodine, brown seaweed soup surpasses other soups and can reanimate women after childbirth.


I still remember the day I thought It Was Going to Happen. It was May 15, 1987 and we walked all the way home from high school with Rhonda, me and Paul. Paul said to me, Heeey Maaaatt, I Can’t Believe You Got Rhonda to Walk Home with Uuuus.


On the trolley, blessed with a seat, or suffering on my feet in the aisle, I sigh and glance. The doors inhale hot breeze. The crowd shifts shape, bags and faces, outfits and moods.

inSerial: part eight
Delusions of Being Observed

Now he closes the door of his study and says “I have a lot of work to do” and I sit on the couch in the living room with a book open and try to concentrate.

LOST AND FOUND ANIMALS a misplaced bestiary
Part 8: The Visual Damselfly (coenagrioniidae cinemata)

Though limited to parts of Africa and Russia, these flies (coenagrioniidae) resembling the tabanids, have founded a peculiar order of commerce and have devised an uncommon set of social articles which cast a curious light on the layers of human interactions and may provide some means for a re-evaluation of communication and social intercourse among our species.

from The Teeth of the Comb & Other Stories

A very cold night. The time is close to one in the morning. The sun goes about his work in another part of the world. The sky is clear. The stars shimmer in nervous rhythms.

from My Vibe

When I got bored of YouTubing Eagles and Chicago hits, I switched over to Eagles and Chicago NFL films. A subconscious link.

New Routes in Fiction
A talk with Jaroslav Kalfar

Jaroslav Kalfar’s debut, Spaceman of Bohemia, starts by tracing Jakub Procházka’s space flight to Chopra, a cosmic dust cloud of which he, as the Czech Republic’s fictional first astronaut, is meant to return to earth with samples.

Tragic Strip

T. Motley is the 2016 silver medalist in the Society of Illustrators' Short Form Comics competition, winning for a story he contributed to Cartozia Tales.


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