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Adam Bartos and Colin MacCabe, Studio: Remembering Chris Marker

Known intermittently as Stalker Sandor, Hayao Yamaneko, or Sergei Murasaki, filmmaker Chris Marker (1921–2012) was an elusive, shy, and decidedly feline individual.

E. Patrick Johnson and Ramon H. Rivera-Servera, Eds., Blacktino Queer Performance

Blacktino: As a nom de plume—strike that: as a nom de guerre, a label, a brand—it bespeaks power.

Jennifer L. Shaw, Exist Otherwise: The Life and Works of Claude Cahun

In her 1930 masterpiece Disavowals: or Cancelled Confessions (French title: Aveux non avenus), Claude Cahun offers her reader the following provocation: “Only with the very tip would I wish to sew, sting, kill.


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