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Timeless and Tamed: Lincoln Center Festival Koch Theater, July 2017

George Balanchine’s Jewels (1967) is in the repertory of many of the world’s renowned ballet companies, and the 2017 Lincoln Center Festival presented the iconic work with three of the best troupes, each performing one section.

In Conversation

LILI CHOPRA with Gillian Jakab

The “Line” in FIAF’s (French Institute : Alliance Française) Crossing the Line Festival may, at first glance, be seen as the one between New York and French culture.

Queer Dance: Performing the Capacity to Desire Differently

The term “queer” holds many meanings as a word that has been reclaimed, repurposed, and refashioned.

In Conversation

YANIRA CASTRO with Ivan Talijancic

Director/choreographer Yanira Castro is no stranger to creating works that are large in size and/or scope.


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