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In Dialogue

HEIDI SCHRECK with Erin Courtney

Heidi Schreck’s groundbreaking play What the Constitution Means to Me is a game changer. Weaving together stories from three generations of women in her family, Schreck embarks on an existential conversation with the United States Constitution. While the piece is quite funny, it also delves into the violent, real life consequences of American political ideology and governance. Her other plays—Creature, Grand Concourse, and The Consultant—adhered to the Aristotelian unities of action, time, and place. In Constitution, Schreck chooses to construct a time traveling collage, placing personal stories next to Constitutional law, allowing space for the audience to make their own connections. 

Entertaining Marx in the Machine of Capital

Within days of the On Your Marx Festival’s press release going public, the internet was abuzz and The Skirball Center’s twitter account had garnered multiple responses from individuals coloring the institution, housed at NYU, as a propagator of brainwashing communism into the student body. But this is 2018, and this is where we are, this is what happens. And on the 200th anniversary of Karl Marx birthday (on May 5th, actually) we might bemuse the thought, “What would Marx think about all this?”


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